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CASIO fx-991ES PLUS 2nd edition

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  • More comfortable in the hand!

    A rounded design that fits naturally in the hand and a slim body that’s comfortable to hold

  • Attachable and detachable in any direction!

    Hard case that’s attachable and detachable in any direction for greater ease of use

  • More legible!

    The keys have been made rectangular, making them easier to press. They are also easier to read because of larger text.

  • Easier to use!

    Highly visible, easy-to-press cursor keys and function keys

Function Natural Textbook Display

Features Natural Textbook Display format for displaying equations and calculation results just as they appear in textbooks

  • Fraction and square root

  • Trigonometry

  • Table

  • Statistical calculations

  • Equation calculations

  • Complex number calculations

  • Matrix calculations

  • Vector calculations

  • SOLVE calculations

  • CALC calculations

  • Integration calculations

  • Differential calculations

  • Scientific constants

  • Metric conversions




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