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Kind Universal
Appointment For beards and mustaches, For haircuts
Nutrition Battery, Network
The minimum length of the haircut 1 mm
Maximum length of haircut 21 mm
Length setting type Removable nozzles
Number of nozzles 5
The material of the blades Steel
Method of cleaning Under water
Functions and features Self-sharpening blades, charge indicator
Power 7 W.
Battery life 100 min
Additionally Quick charge
Comb nozzle for short hair 3-11 mm
Comb nozzle for long hair 13-21 mm
Comb nozzle 2 mm
nozzle 1 mm Precision styling nozzle
Control type – Slider
Knife width – 40
Battery type – Li-Ion
Number of length configurations: 13
Thinning function
Blades do not require lubrication
Wire length: 1.8 m
Dimensions 15 x 5 x 3 cm
Weight 0.44 kg
Complete set Trimmer
Nozzle comb for short hair 3-11 mm
Nozzle comb for long hair 13-21 mm
Nozzle comb 2 mm
Nozzle comb 1 mm
Nozzle for precise styling
SmartPlug Cleaning brush
Travel case Design Edition

Universal assistant

You often wonder, is it possible to adjust your haircut, beard, mustache without leaving home? The Braun MBMGK5 Max trimmer will cope with the set task without problems. The laconic case of black color, details conveniently placed on the device, combs for all cases of correction of a way and multipurpose – a business card of this trimmer.


The trimmer has the following nozzles in a set: a nozzle trimmer for exact styling, a nozzle comb for short hair of 3-11 mm, a nozzle comb for long hair of 13-21 mm and combs of 1 mm and 2 mm. Thus, together with additional combs and the ability to adjust the length of the haircut, you can experiment an infinite number of times with the image, finding exactly “yours”. You should not worry about the performance of the device, because the full charge is as much as 100 minutes, which is enough for the process of personal, pocket “barber shop”. If the device is discharged, just put it to charge for an hour, or use a quick charge, for cases where every minute counts.

Value for details

The future owners of the Braun MBMGK5 Max trimmer will have a pleasant surprise included with the device, namely a branded, exclusive cosmetic bag, from a limited series to the 100th anniversary of Braun. Having a minimalist design, the cosmetic bag still stands out for its stylish design, durability and most importantly practical advantage. It can be used both as a place to store the trimmer at home and to store the device while traveling.




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