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Vixen A70Lf 70mm f/12.9 Refractor Telescope with Mobile Porta Mount # 39905

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Vixen A70Lf Achromatic Refractor Telescope

Great introductory telescope with all glass optics. The Vixen A70Lf is an Achromatic Refractor with 70mm (2.8″) of aperture. Its focal length is 900mm (3 ft.) with a focal ratio of 12.9. This lightweight telescope has a maximum magnifying power of 143x and reaches a limiting visual magnitude of 11. Its light gathering is 100 times better than the human eye. It weighs about 4 lbs and is covered by Vixen’s 5 Year warranty.

The A70Lf OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) comes complete with:

– A smaller 6x24mm finder telescope that attaches to the main scope to help you center the object
– A 20mm eyepiece for general viewing
– A 6.3mm eyepiece for those really clear nights for high power viewing
– A diagonal prism that connects the eyepiece to the telescope
– A Dew / Sun shield (not for solar observing)
– Complete tube rings and dovetail plate to quickly attach the A70Lf to one of the optional Vixen mounts
– Tube Diameter Length and Weight: 76mm x 865mm (3 x 34 in); 1.9 kg (4 lbs)

Mobile Porta Mount Description

The New Mobile Porta is a variation of Vixen’s award winning Porta II Mount. This mount is easier to transport due to its unique multi function fork arm which allows the Mobile Porta to fold much more compactly than its predecessors. At less than 8 pounds this mount is ready to go to all your observing sites.

Your telescopes can be moved manually to the right position and then fine tuned with the slow motion controls. The multi function single fork arm folds withouth the use of tools for easy transport and storage. Setting up your scope in minutes is a simple operation.

The direction of the multi arm can be rotated at an of of 15 degree intervals so that you avoid having the telescope impeded by the slow motion handles. Additionally, the vertical slow motion control can move outward.

The Mobile Porta includes all the features of the original Porta II mount such as slow motion handles, friction stop system and removable mount head.


  • Mount: Mobile Porta Altazimuth Mount
  • Tripod: Aluminum 2 section adjustable; 28″ to 51″
  • Mount Weight: 8 lb including tripod
  • Load Capacity: 8 lbs (Optical Tube diameter less than 119mm)
  • Vertical and Horizontal Slow Motion: 1 Wheel Gears whole circle movement; Friction control system with tools for tension adjustment
  • Telescope Attachment: Dove Tail Plate
  • Accessories: Slow Motion Handles (2), Built in Tool Kit, Tray to hold eyepieces and cameras




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